• Welcome to your Aliveness

    Where the Real Medicine is

Hello and welcome

Toss away the crystals, the cards, the words, the defences and distractions …

and get solidly grounded in the primal feelings, raw sensations and deeper wisdom emanating from your body.

Be Here in your Aliveness, where every meaningful moment is a consequence of this.

    About me

I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of healing from the inside out and outside in;

  • from eating disorder to self-healed
  • from laboratory Scientist to working with energy
  • from prescribing herbs & nutrients to holding space for deep emotional healing

As a result, I work with you individually and wholistically depending on what will best support you at the time. I may even recommend at certain times specific healing cds, books, cards and various resources I’ve created to be of assistance. Best results are obtained by working together within an ongoing commitment.

What I can do for you

You should also know…

that I offer 1 on 1 retreats where you can experience wholeness and healing in a personal and private environment with me. All the physical, emotional, mental and energetic tools and practices that you need for you to come alive will be instinctively provided and experienced by you. You only need to show up and receive as we dive into your core, letting go of what is not truly you.

Please browse the available retreats or make a booking at www.naturalattitudes.com

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Please contact me below for retreats, sessions or to purchase the specially created books and tools to support you on your wellness journey.