I’m an emPower + emBody facilitator ready to make your world rock, from the inside out. Together with your strong desire to feel good and my fun, effective tools + practical techniques, personal retreats, online events or workshops, we can turn your life into one you really enjoy living and peacefully and passionately creating from.

You might be here today because you want more:

+ clarity + meaning
+ better relationships
+ vitality & passion + joy & fun
+ conscious creation & desirable manifestations

… and you really want it now but you’re sick of trying hard.

You’re in the right place.

You were born to feel good and to have and live all your heart’s desires into your reality.

Have you lost connection with your essence and want a quick, sure-fire way to fully reconnect?

Would you like to permanently shift your negative thoughts, feel better and attract more desirable experiences as a result?

Would you like to spend more of your life experiencing states of joy, love, appreciation, vitality and clarity?

How about reducing your stress, feeling more relaxed, confident and sure of yourself in every day life and during important events and situations?

Are you tired of knowing exactly what to do but not able to sustain doing it?

I’m happy that you’ve found your way here.

You’re Ready to Take Charge of your Emotions

… and learn how to feel good deliberately

You’re Ready to Do Something Differently

… and expect a great deal of improvement in your situation

You’re Ready to Have Fun

… and grow and celebrate and live in more ease

Let’s Work Together

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  • Need an overhaul for your life? Want to feel better emotionally, improve your mindset and reduce the stress? Private 1-on-1 Retreats get straight to core of your individual needs and provide a totally personalised resolution with the right take home tools to continue.
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  • Gain clarity, tune-into yourself deeply and access your inspiration as Izabella speaks and facilitates on a range of life topics at various online and live events.

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  • Make a quick Positive Shift in one area of your life, integrate your new wisdom, master your emotions & mindset and implement effective Conscious Creation and Manifestation Principles for outrageous personal success. These 1-on-1 sessions support you to move forward with joy and ease.
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  • If you’re a self-guided individualist you’ll love using these experiencial books to empower yourself and access the sacred seven states of love, joy, appreciation, freedom, empowerment, clarity and vitality. You’ll embrace more of who you really are, access new desires and manifest your wishes more frequently and easily.

“Beyond my expectation on multiple levels. Life saving and changing. Thank you!”

Shelly Wright

“The inner peace that I have gained is hard to describe or put into words. It simply has to be experienced… it’s what I believe we are all chasing. All I can say is ‘thank God for people like Izabella…’ My love, appreciation and gratitude forever.”

Lindy Bennett

“I have gained more insight, understanding and inner belief in 3 days than I have in 40 years by simply changing my thought process.”

Peter Timothy

“I feel I have found myself again. Thank You!”

Jenny Power

“Izabella’s words speak to the collective “one” inside of us all. Inspirational, uplifting and honest, they remind me to open my heart to all there is and most importantly to love myself just as I am.”

Krissy McMorrow

“Energizing, uplifting, empowering. Marriage-saving!”

Joanne Rodney

“I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.”

Karli Moulston

“I find your insights come from a place of Authenticity, you speak from your Heart and that resonates with and for myself. Your honesty, as you share your journey with us, is Inspirational… You are courageous and open hearted in your pursuit of self awareness and you share both those qualities through your insights. The Divine Goddess Energy shines brightly through your words. You are Real. Love and Peace.”

Wayne Petty

“I have felt such a positive change taking place in the past few days. I’m ready to move forward with joy and love.”

Jade Hodgkins

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