Get your regular dose of the Gift of UPlift to love your self + enjoy your life


If you're wanting to:

feel better ~ more at ease ~ happy + free ~ enjoy a clearer mind ~ access your own brilliant insights ~ make the right decisions for you ~ center in your confidence + inner strength ~ tap into loads of energy + vitality ~ boost your bliss powerfully from within & live a life that's rewarding ...

then you've come to the right place. 


Izabella Siodmak, creator of the emPower experience, offers you a variety of ways to ongoingly tap intoyour natural state of Being. This results in ALL the above benefits... plus more.


Improve Health

Enhance Relationships

Enjoy Abundance on your terms

Actively Align with your Purpose + Purpose

Manifest your Heart's Authentic Desires


If you're tired of telling your stories to therapists and workshop facilitators and bored with receiving advice that doesn't feel right nor achieve what you truly desire and deserve... then you're in for a refreshing treat.  Be prepared to be inspired, empowered and uplifted to your core.


Life is meant to be easy, and you are meant to feel good, so let's soar.


You'll discover how to be your own guru, or guide

With the clear, precise and deeply effective emPower method, you can rest assured you are finally and deliberately tapping into your own wisdom, as you go forward from here in your life.



You'll take charge of your emotional state

Once you've been facilitated, it's a simple and easy tool to use over and over, with yourself, for expansive, feel-good results.



Feel the Shift + get the Gift of UPlift

Regardless of your past situations, or current challenges, the emPower method actively takes you from being stuck in fear, anxiety, powerlessness, unworthiness, anger, frustration and other negative states, and into the realness of relaxation, peace, happiness, joy, gratitude, confidence and love... it's who you really are!

Let your spirit soar. Let yourself be more. Give yourself the Gift of UPlift with...

1-on-1 emPower experience

private 1-on-1 emPower retreat for mental and emotional wellness

emPower events + funshops

interactive guidebooks in the comfort of your home


About Izabella Siodmak

Raving Results

Beyond my expectation on multiple levels. Life saving and changing. Thank you!

Shelly Wright

I highly recommend Izabella as a coach and facilitator of personal growth and healing.

Karli Moulston

I have gained more insight, understanding and inner belief in 3 days than I have in 40 years by simply changing my thought process.

Peter Timothy

The inner peace that I have gained is hard to describe or put into words. It simply has to be experienced... itís what I believe we are all chasing. All I can say is Ďthank God for people like Izabella...í My love, appreciation and gratitude forever.

Lindy Bennett

I had an experience that went beyond my imagination. It was a lifetime changing journey.

Darren B

Energizing, uplifting, empowering.

Joanne Rodney

I have felt such a positive change taking place in the past few days. Iím ready to move forward with joy and love.

Jade Hodgkins

I feel I have found myself again.
Thank You!

Jenny Power

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Get your regular dose of the Gift of UPlift to love your self + enjoy your life