Izabella Siodmak was catapulted onto a path of self-discovery and healing in 1989 at the age of 14. In the full grip of anorexia, she heard a loud voice proclaiming “You are going to die!” In that moment, she was shaken awake and she vowed to stay alive.

Izabella then dove into understanding the destructive beliefs she carried that were now laid evident before her. She examined the family dynamics and programming that had contributed to her demise. And she listened to the new inner voice which guided her step by step through to solutions and ultimately her recovery. She awakened to immense aliveness and joy, previously unbeknownst to her. Healing from anorexia, was typically a fete unheard of occurring without the aid of a skilled therapist and years, or decades, of therapy.

This experience became the inspiration for supporting others to heal. Though she completed a Biochemistry degree at university, followed by nutrition, naturopathy and life coaching she never forgot the foundation of what helped her heal the most. In 2003 she founded the Natural Attitudes emPower Health Retreat where she facilitated clients to improve their mental and emotional wellness. For 12 years, through these residential 1 client only retreats she facilitated personal journeys into the core of what was really going on and then coming back out in a new state of wholeness. The awarenesses gleaned during this process become the foundation for what is then taken home with you to integrate into your everyday life.

In support to her retreat clients’ healing, she also created various tools and resources, including authoring 12 books, various healing cards, healing cds, podcasts and more. You can view some of these here or browse the merchandise shop >  Tools and Resources

Izabella’s journey with emotions has been an ongoing one and one that continues. By embracing all emotions, powerful and unique insights are accessed, which then require integration and bringing alive into your life. Emotional Magnificence Facilitation is a foundation for this. There are many clever, habitual ways in which you can trick yourself into not feeling. However, once you feel, you can truly heal and move forward.

Izabella is also the founder of the Sacred Seven States which offers beautiful colourful journal books, cards, jewellry, the sacred seven states quiz and live events to help you embody the states of love, joy, freedom, empowerment, vitality, clarity and appreciation. The Sacred Marriage events, books and talismans support you to be in your sovereignty as well as deepen authentic relationships with others.