Izabella Siodmak was catapulted onto a path of self-discovery, healing and transformation in 1989 at the age of 14. In the full grip of anorexia, one day she was faced with a loud voice within that said “you’re going to die”. In that moment something snapped and she truly chose to live. And she chose it big.

Izabella dived into understanding the destructive beliefs that had come to the surface and were now clearly evident to her and the multifaceted family dynamics that had contributed to her demise. As she listened to this new inner voice, it guided her through to the solutions and step by step she awakened to immense aliveness and joy, previously unbeknownst to her. She single-handedly healed herself quickly of anorexia. It was unheard of to heal yourself of this disorder without help from a therapist, let alone to do it in less than 1 year.  It typically requires years, if not decades, with  the assistance of a dedicated and skilled therapist.

A few years later her natural inclinication arose to offer this deep healing to others. Though she completed a Biochemistry / Biological Sciences degree at university, followed by nutrition, naturopathy and life coaching and various other modailities, most of which she practiced and utilized, she never forgot the foundation of what helped her heal the most. This was most applied through the Natural Attitudes emPower Health Retreat she built and founded in 2003, where she facilitated clients to improve there mental and emotional wellness for 12 years. Through these residential retreats clients were facilitated to reconnect with their wholesomeness from within. No pampering nor bandaids, just straight to the heart of what was really going on and what was begging to be done differently now.

As a result of her recovery from anorexia Izabella has a razor sharp and accurate ability to hone in on what you are unconsciously telling yourself that is destuctive or inhibitory, bringing it to the light of your awareness then followed by guiding you into accessing your own healthier, more wholesome perspective. The new perspective becomes the narrative that you can now integrate into your life going forward. It takes time to embody new wisdom and for it to weave itself into your way of being, responding and acting. But it’s well worth it.

In support to her retreat clients’ healing, she also created many tools and resources, including authoring 12 books, various healing cards, healing cds, podcasts and more. You can view some of these here or browse the shop >  Tools and Resources

Izabella is also the founder of the Sacred Seven States which offers beautiful colourful journal books, cards, jewellry, the sacred seven states quiz and live events to help you embody more of the states of love, joy, freedom, empowerment, vitality, clarity and appreciation. The Sacred Marriage events, books and talismans support you to be in your sovereignty as well as deepen authentic relationships with others.

Vibration Elevation conversations, books and cards have also been created by Izabella to support you to, with deep awareness and acceptance, move out of emotional stuckness and into responsibility and liberating relief.