The gift of unpleasant emotions

Rather than distract from the fear, the despair or angst, acknowledge it and allow it’s infinite wisdom to weave itself with clarity into your life now. I wouldn’t want to miss the wisdom that’s here for me right now, for the world. And I would if I aimed at distraction. It reveals to me what […]

The Real Jewel

I’m not interested in what Abraham says! I’m interested in respecting and honouring my feelings … my process… period. My tenderness and my compassion is the real jewel, perhaps the most relieving, pivotal foundation for truly embracing the density of this human life. My curiosity to allow uncharted experiences to fully enter me, swallow me, […]

Self worth kicks out the rubbish

I’ve experienced my share of emotionally manipulative bullshit con-artists, people-pleasing cowards and quite frankly tossers. I’ve learned to forget about seeing their highest potential when they’re not interested in really living it for themselves. I’ll keep living mine thanks. And it’s never my job to compensate for their misalignment in any way, shape or form […]