SHE reminds you

SHE … is here to remind All of You that there is no need to reach for medication, to fix a thing, to change your mind, to embrace new thought. There is no need for any such distraction. She is here to take you in. Whole. Take you into the depths of your raw Being. […]

How the Shadow makes you Whole

I don’t know about you, but for many years I have experienced what I can only call as “psychic” flashes about people where I am shown what’s on the other side of the veil, or the mask they may be wearing. It comes at precise moments that I am not in control of. I am […]

Foreign Energy and Entity Clearing

Part of the psychotherapeutic work I do is to help you externalize the entities and foreign energies feeding off you and to then naturally put them in their place (like, away and off you for good). Then, you can feel more empowered and be your sovereign-self again. You will sync up with a new, healthy […]

Inner Healing and Responsible Use of Energy

As a society we have displaced our capacity to see energy, move energy and let energy heal ourselves and each other. We have placed it in the hands of complete strangers and disregarded our intuition when it comes to discernment about who we hold sacred to support our healing missions. In fact, we have lost […]

Soul Retrieval Work

Sometimes parts of ourselves can be locked away, tightly hidden. Or the soul, the essence of you, can leave your body. That’s when a SOUL RETRIEVAL is called for. If you feel lost, stuck, devoid of passion, not yourself and like the old you is gone there is a good chance that a big aspect […]

The Return of the Masculine

I am abSouLutely blessed each time I facilitate a 1 on 1 retreat with a man. What I am seeing is so worthy of mention and I want every woman, and man, to know that there are so many men really doing the work. These men are truly stepping into their desires to be the […]

Feminine Inner Balance calling for outer Reflection

Where the deep, collective feminine wound of abandonment was exacerbated by the masculine silence, disappearance and withdrawal … it can be rectified by his presence and clear communication of his truth. Her calling for this as an external reflection, is the sign of her integrating this balanced unity from within.

The Real Spiritual and New Age Wake Up

When you agree to use or practice ANY new age spirituality please be aware that you are signing up for the whole energetic spectrum of that modality, tool or system… REGARDLESS of your pure intentions. Firstly, what I mean by this is that NOTHING is exempt from its shadow ESPECIALLY in the world of love […]

Wild Witch Women

It is not that I am a witch, although in that moment I am. She spontaneously, distinctly, vividly spirals into my body taking me on a deeper journey simultaneously with myself, the feminine and the world at large. Each time richer by the virtue of a continuous building upon previous understandings.

Radiant Feminine Rising & Offering Her Gifts

Through her honest communication she is the bringer of what doesn’t feel good … and therefore what would feel better. She offers her gift of feeling feedback for him to raise his consciousness. A wise man will embrace it and rise, rather than fight it, and her, in fear. Attempting to have power over a […]