The Real Jewel

I’m not interested in what spiritual teachings say! I’m interested in respecting and honouring my feelings … my process… period. My tenderness and my compassion is the real jewel, perhaps the most relieving, pivotal foundation for truly embracing the density of this human life. My curiosity to allow uncharted experiences to fully enter me, swallow […]

My Inner Guidance Is My Guru

I woke up thinking about Tony Robbins today. It was someone I used to admire, especially for how he helped people (though there’s a hook right there!). I loved the live interventions and seeing people feel freer and better, the most. I, myself, experienced benefit when I attended one of his events nearly two decades […]

Self worth kicks out the rubbish

I’ve experienced my share of emotionally manipulative bullshit con-artists, people-pleasing cowards and quite frankly tossers. I’ve learned to forget about seeing their highest potential when they’re not interested in really living it for themselves. I’ll keep living mine thanks. And it’s never my job to compensate for their misalignment in any way, shape or form […]

The Day I got Married

On the 25th May, 2016 I got married. Married to myself. This idea arose the day before, and I immediately began to take action in preparation. These kinds of things don’t just happen every day. Curious and excited, I opened myself to receive information about how to orchestrate this.  Events conspired perfectly and seamlessly. A […]