When you marry yourself, you are making the most important commitment in your life. It is broadcasting the message, that you are now ready to love yourself more deeply than you ever have before.

Marry Yourself


Photo courtesy of: Rosslyn McKenzie

On the 25th of May 2016 I got married to the most important and amazing person … also known as me. On this day I realized something so profound at the core of my Being and it is this: “I am the only One who is going to truly be here with me for this whole life in this body.”

This realization activated something so powerful in me. “Fuck it”, I said to myself. “I might as well then REALLY show Up for myself for that which is always here with me, anyway.” It was then that I felt the most immense love, everthe strongest certainty and surety for eternity and the fullest ease and relief in my body. I became deeply inspired to truly show up for myself at a whole new level. My masculine leadership, encouragement and strength instantly, powerfully and wholesomely unified with my feminine feedback, emotional expression and creative force. My ability to hold unconditional love for EVERY ASPECT of myself was born… and a sense of Oneness and inter-connectivity with everything, like I’d never felt before, arose.

Having this ceremony arise spontaneously in my life, including the perfect dear friend showing up to act as a celebrant, on my beautiful nature property looking out onto the mountains was the most joyous celebration I’ve ever experienced. To say that this day was the most amazing day of my life … is an understatement. Suddenly it just made total sense that my first marriage should be with me. Now, marrying myself felt like the most natural, obvious thing in the world. And I had no idea how powerful it was going to be to physicalize my love for self through this act. It continues to ripple out everyday through my life in so many amazing ways.

Izabella Siodmak

Do you take this beautiful life to be your joyful opportunity to tap into your spectacular brilliance, divine passion, god-given ecstacy, creative expression, exquisite love and full throttle juiciness … day in day out?

I do. AbSouLutely, I do.

PS  If you’d like to have this kind of ‘Marry Yourself’ experience I’d love to host a ceremony for you. If you’re ready to show up for yourself in fun, in joy and in juicy fullness please select from the following options:

Marry Yourself Ceremony Playshop

This 1 day ceremony, allows you to physicalize your intention of sacred self love in co-creation with your 2 facilitators and a small intimate circle of women. A whole lot of celebration, fun, depth and wholesomeness is what you can expect, as well as the powerful positive ripple effects of this day for the rest of your life. What’s included:

Preparation Instructions

Sacred Altar Creation

Clarifying Your Vows

Sacred Marriage Celebrant Ceremony

Marriage Certificate

Celebration Party

Divine Cuisine

Wedding photos

Support of other Marry Yourself Sisters

Facilitation by Izabella Siodmak and your Ceremonial Celebrant

Private Marry Yourself Ceremony

This 1/2 day ceremony, allows you to physicalize your intention of sacred self love. Your ceremony is co-created with Izabella and in accordance with your heart’s desires and wishes. You may like to have the presence of one of our ceremonial celebrants too, your best friend or even a group of loving friends. Let’s tailor this day to be as unique and special as you. Investment commences at: $450

Things you may like to consider:

choose your preferred location

work with your sense of style – eg in nature, on the beach, in a forest, at a beautiful resort, in your home

incorporate things that excite YOU

include a custom made Sacred Marriage talisman / wedding ring / earrings

incorporate your favourite songs and  music for your special day

order specific fine dining food to celebrate

follow on with a party your friends are invited to

… and anything else you can think of, we’ll consider.

Email your ideas for a quote here >

This is for you if you desire to:

Open your heart and feel adored

Beat the rejection reflection you’ve experienced from others

Balance the feminine and masculine energy within you

harmonizing yourself into wholeness

Receive and give sacred love

instead of being needy, wanting or lacking

Walk with greater confidence and self-honour

in your everyday life

Enhance your capacity to magnetise a magnificent lover

Energize stronger manifestation of your desires

in ALL areas of your life

Make better decisions that nurture you

and enhance all your relationships

Experience a whole new level of self-love, honour and respect

toward yourself