Emotional Magnificence

Our collective cultural conditioning often encourages the denial and suppression of the natural flow of emotion. Certain emotions are strongly shunned, made wrong and unconsciously resisted. Whilst other emotions are sold and pursued as the epitome of a successful life. These ‘positive’ emotions are exploited in order to peddle many products and services selling the great ‘happiness’ dream. Perhaps you have noticed the pressure to feel a certain way even though you are simply not feeling that way. This is just one of many symptoms. Maybe this chase has become a deeply engrained way of living which you have not questioned, until now.

the Gift of Emotions …

This collective delusion also translates to being rigid and resistant to certain emotions, which is unloving despite the good intentions of self-love. You may already be aware of some of the customary ways that certain emotions are favoured whilst others are being suppressed via addictions, comfort eating, tv watching, projection of inner blocks upon the outer world and more.

Of course, this is not to say that feeling joy, peace, enthusiasm and contentment are wrong. Far from it. It is your birthright and it is my passion to support you to feel this. But there is a way to truly embody this, to allow it to naturally arise. For years I have consistently observed the transformative power in supporting clients to safely express what they really think and feel. As we go lovingly and deeply into it, whatever is arising without fixing it or glossing over it, the gifts are always revealed.

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I want to assist you to discover the unique gifts, the real gems, that lie within the fear, unworthiness, confusion and doubt. No matter what emotion you arrive with, I will support you to truly shine in your emotional magnificence and to feel radiantly and sincerely alive. Book your session on the link below.