Mental Health & Mindset

If you feel lost, stuck, devoid of passion, not yourself and like the old you is gone there is a good chance that a big aspect of you has splintered off. This most often initially occurs during a traumatic event, as a form of protection. Traumatic events don’t always have to be big events. They can something seem insignificant; something someone says that you take to heart, a way someone behaved that made you shut down for good or even a shocking situation where you feel numb, or nothing at all. Nothing is too small to be held, revealed and healed.

If it’s concerning you, then it’s hurting you.

What Can we do…

When we work in a session together, we safely uncover the events around it and recover the lost aspect. Together, with love and grace, and with the deep understanding of your unique situation and the awareness of what’s needed to create the safety to call that part home, we bring it home. We invite the full you back in a way that’s specific and appropriate for you….

The distraction stops.
The fight ends.
The fog clears.
The heaviness goes.
The lightness begins to flow.
The love starts to fill the heart.
The wholesomeness lands in your body.
The emerging clarity inspires new action.
The actions transform your life.
The evolution becomes your gift to others.

The willingness to SHOW UP AND HEAL, makes your life richer and real.

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