Vibration Elevation

The essesence of life is all about how you feel, or the kind of energy you radiate or are vibrating at in the moment.

Although you may think that how you feel is something that is out of your control, or dependent on things that occur in your external world, you truly can deliberately and authentically elevate your state, regardless of what is happening around you. You have been conditioned to respond emotionally to events. If you’re ready to go beyond the accidental, temporary and fleeting experience of good feelings, and discover how to take charge of your emotional state to experience greater clarity, abundant joy and wellness on purpose, then you’ll love the unique and fun sessions, books, tools and playshops below to support you with this.

Manifestation Celebration: A guidebook for feeling great and loving everything you want into your reality

Feeling good emotionally is the basis for allowing your desires to be fully realized. This book is for you if:

1. taking your manifestation to a whole new level excites you and

2. easily clearing up the energy around the major aspects of your life like health, relationships, abundance, career etc calls you

Using the 2 unique, powerful techniques for feeling good and manifesting your heart’s desires will bring you to clarity and ease.  There’s some juicy manifestation stories for you to enjoy too, to inspire your energy even further. Plus, enjoy original inspirational quotes to elevate your state. READ MORE >


Vibration Elevation Cards

Ever felt stuck in unpleasant emotions? You know, that place where you keep having the same thoughts over and over and you just end up feeling worse and worse, adding more momentum. More powerless, more insecure, more angry or fearful … or frustrated? The Vibration Elevation cards support you to come unstuck. Simply identify, out of the 22 unpleasant emotions, which one you are feeling. Then, turn the specific card over and embrace the two or three simple offerings on the card to help you shift your perspective and support you to authentically feel better. When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel … instantly. Who you are in your fullness is powerful, loving, joyous and more. These cards guide you to your greatness once more … that space where you are invincible, free and happy. READ MORE >


Vibration Elevation Conversation

Are you feeling stuck and wish to regain clarity?

Would you like to align with the perspective that truly resonates with your heart?

Want to access the guidance that supports you to move forward now?

A 1-on-1 Vibration Elevation Conversation with Izabella Siodmak will quickly, succinctly and powerfully guide you into that space, where you can move forward with ease and joy.