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In this modern world it’s common to find yourself in acute states of stress, depression, dissociation and anxiety. Unresolved, longstanding trauma can also chronically diminish your capacity to feel vibrantly alive and wholesome. Suppressed emotions take a lot of energy to keep holding down. Reactivity and withdrawal can take their heavy toll on your body, health, relationships and impede the fulfilment of your expression in who you came here to be. Due to stored and trapped energy in your body, for healing to be effective, it is recommended to get the whole body involved in the release. Sessions utilise somatic psychotherapy in order to bridge the body, emotions and conscious mind so old programmes are cleared out at all levels and trauma is integrated so you can function more harmoniously.  You’ll experience being solidly grounded in the primal feelings and instinctual sensations and wide awake to the deeper wisdom emanating from your body.

The following individual and couples sessions are available to treat both the PHYSICAL & PSYCHO-EMOTIONAL systems simultaneously

Aliveness is your True Medicine

    About me

I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of healing from the inside out and outside in;

  • from eating disorder to self-healed
  • from laboratory Scientist to working with energy
  • from prescribing herbs & nutrients to holding space for deep emotional healing

As a result, I work with you intuitively and wholistically drawing on my expertise in naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, somatic psychotherapy, neurochemistry, biochemistry and various other modalities. I may also recommend specific healing cds, books, cards and various resources I’ve created to be of assistance. Best results are obtained by working together within an ongoing commitment.

Emotional Wellness
(individual sessions)

Revitalising Love (couples sessions)

You should also know…

that since 2003 I have been offering 1 on 1 retreats where you can experience wholistic healing in a personal and private, nature-filled environment. Emotional Wellness Retreats are 1 on 1 for individuals whilst the Revitalising Love Retreat is a private retreat for couples. In both retreats I utilise Somatic Psychotherapy, with a combination of talk therapy and  body techniques to assist you to access and release the deeply seeded, unconscious emotions that are stored in the body. When these blocks are freed you can expect to feel more grounded, connected and unified within. Greater aliveness and clarity result. Everything is seamlessly catered for in your retreat including accommodation, food, therapeutic sessions, bodywork, intuitive movement. You only need to show up, receive and surrender as we dive in letting go of what is ready to be released and what’s ready to be embraced, transformed and realised.

I have also published more than 12 books, 3 healing cards decks, audio cds and various resources to help the individual on their journey. 

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