My healing journey began in earnest at the age of 14, in 1989 … perhaps truly in the moment when I heard a distinct new voice from within me loudly proclaim “You are going to die!” I knew exactly how and why. And I knew this was deadly serious now. In this moment I realised that I did not want to die. I decided to live with all my heart.

Something opened in me and I continued to receive this very supportive, new-found guidance. With the assistance of the higher self, I unravelled the destructive belief systems, family dynamics and programming that had contributed to my anorexia. This made it easier to adopt new and healthier perspectives. This higher self also guided me step by step to physical, nutritional, psychological and practical solutions that lead to my full recovery. One of the by-products of healing was feeling this immense aliveness and joy, that I’d not known before.

Later, I learned how rare it is to heal from eating disorders on your own without therapeutic intervention. This experience became the inspiration to support others to heal from their suffering and emotional pain too. I completed formal studies including a university Biochemistry degree, studies in nutrition, herbal medicine, naturopathy, life coaching and other modalities to complement the intuitive guidance that continued to pour through.


Having worked as a scientist for S & N Pathology, technical support / writing / seminar presenting for Henry O’Siecki at Bioconcepts and Medi Herb I then founded Natural Attitudes embody retreat in 2003. Here I  was able to directly facilitate mental and emotional wellness in a private, intimate, residential 1 on 1 setting.


To further support my clients, I have created a variety of tools; including more than 12 books, card decks, healing cds and guided journeys. I am presently in the last year of a 3 year diploma in somatic psychotherapy to support clients to process difficult emotions and blocks in the body.  I am also a quaified EMM (Exceptional Marriage Mentor) trained to support couples heal their trauma and blocks to intimacy and vulnerability.