We will be using a combination of talk therapy and specific body techniques and movements to help you access emotions that have been trapped and impacting how you feel and function. This modality is especially beneficial to:

  • Soothe your frazzled or shutdown nervous system after PTSD/ trauma
  • Rebuild inner strength and resourcefulness after abuse, neglect or relationship breakdowns / endings
  • Release the real source of tension and aches in your body
  • Strengthen your capacity to handle emotions
  • Building ego strength and body containment to help you cope with overwhelming emotions and situations
  • Correcting deficits in development / poor parenting that negatively impact the way you relate with yourself and others
  • Developing alternative & healthier ways to respond beyond your characteristic defences
  • Feel more secure, confident, present & operate from your center
  • Reunite with your soul & move forward with greater purpose & passion
  • Access and live more of your wholesome, purposeful, integrated, connected self
  • address the specific physical symptoms in your body that stem from particular unresolved experiences and stored emotion via a psychosomatic approach to wellness


Somatic psychotherapy is utilised in couples sessions to help you to release the emotional and physical blocks that stand in the way of embodying and more fully expressing love, sensuality and sexuality in your partnership. Via both talk therapy and corrective dynamic expression, we will explore what’s playing out in the shared relating space and the unique individual traumas and how they intersect in your relationship. This exploration will support you to embody new and more harmonious ways of relating including creating secure attachment, becoming more emotionally vulnerable, owning your mature needs and strengthening your empathic attunement to your partner.

“Izabella changed my life-long pattern of staying stuck in the story and how the other person was at fault. She encouraged me to drop beneath what was happening, and feel my deeper, primal feelings. At first I was resistant, but with practice I was able to see HOW I’d created what was happening in my life as a recreation of childhood dynamics and how I’d been avoiding taking true responsibility! Really how I had been delaying my true healing. Now when something triggers me, I can relatively quickly drop down to feel the root feelings and get to my truth. I know I have the power to change things.

I felt completely seen and supported in all of my messy, confusing, overwhelming emotions. This was new for me. Izabella wanted my vulnerable truth. She was right there with me the whole time I was processing and working through my stuff, without trying to change me or tell me I was wrong. Just to receive this acceptance and validation from another is HUGE when you’ve never had it. I totally trusted her. Going forward, I feel much more empowered knowing that all my emotions are all OK, and my work is to be with them the way she was. I can heal the past so it doesn’t have to keep repeating, and it’s not something outside of myself.

Izabella is a brilliant therapist. You can tell she is doing this work from her soul. She’s so empathetic and attuned to what’s happening inside of the client. Yet I feel a healthy balance between caring and holding you accountable where you need to make changes. She’s also knowledgeable about many things – not just therapy and there’s so much depth to her as a soul and human being. She can relate to a person on psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels as THEY need. She also has an intuitive gift to feel into the deep subconscious energy dynamics of situations and share prompts that lead to profound insights. Thank you Izabella, for truly helping me change my life. I’m forever grateful!”

Danielle A