We will be using a combination of talk therapy and specific body techniques and movements to help you access emotions that have been trapped and impacting how you feel and function. This modality is especially beneficial for:

  • Soothe your frazzled or shutdown nervous system after PTSD/ trauma
  • Rebuild Inner Strength and Resourcefulness after abuse, neglect or relationship breakdowns / endings
  • Release the real source of tension and aches in your body
  • Strengthen your capacity to handle emotions
  • Building ego strength and body containment to help you cope with overwhelming emotions and situations
  • Correcting deficits in development / poor parenting that negatively impact the way you relate with yourself and others
  • Developing alternative & healthier ways to respond beyond your characteristic defences
  • Feel more secure, confident, present & operate from your center
  • Reunite with your Soul & move forward with greater purpose & passion
  • Accessing and living more of your wholesome, purposeful, integrated, connected self


I’m no stranger to my own challenges, initially having self-healed an eating disorder by spontaneously connecting to my inner guidance at the age of 15. This higher self connection shed bright but painful light upon patterns of belief and conditioning, yet also informed me and guided me through the exact steps to heal. This experience catalyzed my mission to assist others to heal trauma, embody one’s potential and to trust the whispers of your own soul. I look forward to working intimately with you and your unique history and presenting challenges. With the right support, shifts can happen rather quickly.

If you’d like a more concentrated experience with this work whilst getting away from your usual environment for some deep healing in the surrounds of nature please visit Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat.

1 on 1 Emotional Wellness Retreats & Couples private Revitalising Love Retreats are available.