Bless the Goddess

The feminine energy is priceless
And precious.
She is the spirit and the soul.
Therefore she can’t be bought or sold…
Or told, to get over it.
For how can she get over herself
When she loves to go in
Swirling in a concoction, so yin
So hold your yang
You sexy thing
And dance with me equally
Rise Up and value yourself,
And me,
The way that I see
The divine beauty of the world, unfurled
As the heart in me and you
Loving to be expressed
Free… and not repressed
Lifting the lid
On what we’ve kept hid
The dance… is On.
Wild and free.
Dripping with sensitivity.
A proclivity to sensuality
Dont take it personally,
Not necessarily sexually
Unless you know THIS is
the energy that’s already in you
you don’t need to get it
but you can
honour it all
she doesn’t need to be told
that she is beautiful on the inside and out
she already knows
maybe you’re the one who needs to be told, right
behold the divinity that’s here
the time is near
bless the goddess

Izabella Siodmak is a Writer, Emotional Magnificence Facilitator and Deeper Relating Supporter.

She facilitates you to feel wholesome & content through your feeling of all your emotions, accessing your clarity & actioning your inner guidance.