When Couples Counselling is needed

Is getting your needs met a big struggle in your relationship?

Is the communication between you loaded with reactivity in the form of blame & attack and / or withdrawal & with-holding?
Are you together yet seem worlds apart?
Deep down do you still believe it IS POSSIBLE to have the connection and intimacy you’ve shared before and still long for? 
Couples counselling can help you to release the emotional blocks that stand in the way of more fully expressing love, sexuality and intimacy in your partnership.

When unconscious survival threats and fears are triggered so are attachment wounds. Let’s gently and compassionately unpack this together, discover new ways of relating and heal these wounds. 

* unable to express your emotions
* feeling silenced, shut down, unheard or unseen
* experiencing insecurity / helplessness or powerlessness
* struggling to give both your heart and sexuality to each other
* afraid of being abandoned or rejected
* challenged in forming a stable, secure, trustful bond
* withdrawing to keep the peace or avoiding dealing with things
* giving too much or too much fixing or care-taking
* experiencing trauma from the past negatively impacting your relationship now
* recovering from the fallout of infidelity
* gain skills to successfully navigate conflict
* understand and gently dismantle your protective defences
* deepen your capacity for compassion and the intimacy it fosters
* communicate with honesty
* build trust and enhance passion
* explore Attachment Theory & create healthy, secure attachment
* transform negative energy and access more love, joy and wisdom
* integrate trauma and settle your frazzled or numbed out nervous system
* ground and center yourself more deeply in the face of relationship challenges
* gain the capacity to self-regulate your emotions
* co-regulate your emotions together without retraumatising each other
* meet your own and your partner’s authentic needs in healthy ways