Before booking a couples session here’s what you need to know…

If you’ve been frequently engaging in a way that has contributed to escalating conflict and heightened reactivity  or shutdown these habits will take time to break. Although I will be guiding you into new, more rewarding experiences of safety, trust and connection together, you and your partner are responsible for committing to employing and practicing the skills and tools you’re about to be shown. It will not be a job for just one, or the other of you … but both of you. The success of this depends entirely on your collaboration. 

In conjunction to giving you effective tools and supporting you to practice and develop new skills in relational mastery, I will be directly addressing any trauma that surfaces for either of you. The upmost safe space will be made for you to dive deeper into your feelings, explore the origins of your behaviours and open up to new perspectives and possibilities that are truly life-affirming

Facing buried feelings and trauma can feel very uncomfortable, scary and overwhelming. Because of this, at times, I will suggest breaking out into an individual session so that we can completely and freely focus on your experience  as you move through your process without distraction by what could arise for your partner. 

Couples interventions  and individual sessions typically include a body (somatic) expression or exercise that helps you make contact with pent up feelings. Body psychotherapy meets the fight, flight or freeze responses of your nervous system and naturally supports disengagement of a heightened sense of (emotional) threat. As the body opens, relaxes and becomes less defended and communication less defensive clarity, insight, problem-solving, understanding, empathy and right relating can return or be further developed. 

I want to make sure you get the most out of your couples therapy with me. This starts with both of you having read this page and being in agreement to 100% committing to doing what it takes to give your relationship the best chance of thriving. This IS going to take you out of your comfort zone, challenge you AND grow you. 

It will ask each of you to take responsibility for your individual growth and to have faith in the process of how this transforms your relationship. It will ask you to make changes in yourself, rather than wait for your partner to change.

You should enter into couples therapy with the intention to not blame or accuse each other (which re-engages your partner’s defences and thwarts the flow of love). Please instead come with the intention and willingness to be emotionally honest and accountable. Come with an open heart and mind that is ready to embrace your expanding capacity for love and emerging new pathways of connection.

How much time should we set aside for this process?

A 3 month container with 10 sessions of (mainly) weekly online calls will provide you with the consistent and regular support to make changes AND make these changes stick so your relationship thrives.

At the end of this time and with our full commitment  what can we expect to achieve?

  • more collaboration (less fighting and defensiveness)
  • deeper connection (less distance and shutting down)
  • stronger safety and security in the relationship (less fear and anxiety)
  • masterful communication (hurting each other less)
  • less self-abandonment whilst showing up for each other and the relationship
  • getting more of your needs met
  • being heard, acknowledged and understood
  • being able to better meet your partner’s needs
  • feel more love for each other in your day to day life
  • de-escalation of destructive conflict (more time and energy for joy, fun and co-creating your goals and shared dreams)

Working with me you can expect honesty. Part of this means getting to the bottom of what’s really going on then providing a therapeutic healing space and effective frameworks and guidance for lasting resolution.

How do I book in and what’s the cost?

Get on a free 15 minute discovery call with me and your partner, so we can meet and decide if this therapy is a match. You’ll have your questions answered so you can make an informed decision.  When you feel comfortable with proceeding into couples therapy with me we will set up a regular time and day of the week for our sessions. Your upfront block payment of $1350 for the 10 sessions incurs a saving of $150 (usual price is $1500).

Are you keen to have a more immediate and accelerated  in person experience of relational transformation? Why not book your private one couple at a time residential retreat with me here >>>

Revitalising Love Retreat