Would you like to calm your anxiety & confusion? Are you tired of being in disconnection & despair? Are you ready to work through trauma that repeats itself in relationships?

I’m honoured to work with men and women who want to build resiliency, stability and to feel more joy. 


Creating our Therapeutic Relationship & Container

In order to transform engrained defence patterns and imprint new ways of being, it is advisable to enter therapy with the view of a long-term approach (minimum 6 months).

This allows you to gain the full benefit from the attuned and honest relationship we build whilst consistently providing a safe space for your nervous system to rewire from past developmental or relational trauma.

In between sessions you will often have specific somatic exercises to draw on that allow deeper integration of emotions, support calmness and a raising of your energy in a grounded, empowering way.  

You can book your session from the online or clinic options below or if you would like to discuss your therapy needs before booking please contact my office on +61 754944558 or email me via the CONTACT PAGE.