* Use this calendar to book for in person at Sunshine Coast Hinterland (Conondale) or for online Zoom from anywhere in the world
* In person at Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast book here
* In person at Brisbane book here
Hover over the date you’d like in the calendar below for your session and select a suitable time from the options available (calendar automatically converts to your local time). Fill in your details, including drop down selection of Individual or Couples sessions and via Zoom or Conondale in person.
* Due to the deep nature of this work it's important to smoothly complete your process rather than suddenly stop. Consider giving yourself 2 to 3 extra sessions to work through any potential conscious or unconscious resistance that may be arising which can offer a valuable opportunity for growth if worked through.
* If you are triggered by me as a therapist it's important to bring this to a session too.


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* Wear comfortable clothing, preferably pants & remove bulky or intrusive jewellery
* Find a quiet, private space
* Room to move
* Bring cushions
* Bring a towel
* Be near a mattress, sofa or bed if possible
ZOOM: You will receive a Zoom link for our session when you complete your booking. Please click on this link at the time of your session.
* No refunds are given if you do not show up for your session or if you cancel
* Rescheduling is only possible in an emergency
* If you are running late please make contact to inform me
* I will wait for the first 15 minutes of your session if you have not arrived nor made contact
* I will make every effort to be on time; however, because of the nature of this work, sometimes a session runs overtime. If I am late you will still receive your full time.
* If you are late, your session may be shortened to the remainder of your scheduled time.