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Frequently Asked Questions

Select your clinic or online location from the bottom of any page. This will take you to a booking calendar. Hover over the date you’d like in the calendar and select a suitable time from the options available. The calendar automatically converts to your local time. Then, fill in your details, including drop down selection of Individual or Couples sessions and submit. You will receive a confirmation email with the address details of the clinic or the automatically generated Zoom link if you booked an online session. For online sessions please click the zoom link and be ready to go at the time of your session.

If you are running late please make contact to inform me. I will wait for the first 15 minutes of your session for you to arrive.  If you arrive late for a session it will still finish at the scheduled time as the clients after you will be anticipating their session to start on time. It is not recommended to begin a session if you arrive with less than 30 minutes to go as this can be irruptive to your process as well as unsettling for your nervous system.

If you miss your appointment or do not show up for the booked session the fee for your session remains charged as full without any refund or rescheduling of this appointment. You will need to book a new session time.

I will make every effort to be on time; however, because of the nature of this work, sometimes a previous session runs overtime. If I am late you will still receive your full time. If going over time due to a late start is not possible for you, please let me know when we begin.

Your booked session has been put aside specifically for you and your needs. If you cannot attend it would be helpful to know this as soon as possible so that other clients can be booked into the session space that you no longer require. Cancellation of a session requires 48 hours notice before the booked appointment time. If you do not provide at least 48 hours notice of cancellation the session fee will remain as charged in full without any refund. We are, however, considerate towards emergency situations.

If you wish to reschedule your booked session and it is more than 48 hours before your session you can do so with the rescheduling link.

Yes, you can reschedule your session if it is more than 48 hours before your scheduled session time. You will find the reschedule link in your confirmation email. If you are wishing to reschedule and it is less than 48 hours before your booked session you cannot reschedule and will need to cancel and book a new session.

You will receive a refund if you cancel your session more than 48 hours before your scheduled session time. Cancellations less than 48 hours do not receive a refund except for in emergency situations.

If you feel alone and are having a lot of overwhelming emotions or feeling stuck and unmotivated and require strong support then starting with one session per week is recommended. This can then be changed to every 2 weeks further down the track when you feel more resourced. For many clients starting with every two weeks works well too.  If you have time or financial constraints then every 3 weeks is recommended. Sessions further apart than 3 weeks can make it harder to have a sense of continuity and cohesion, which we want in order for you to get the most out of therapy. 

As a general rule if you have a specific issue you want to work with it is recommended to aim for 5 to 10 sessions depending on the issue. If you have developmental trauma and / or PTSD and various traumas you’d like to work through then at the very least 15 sessions are recommended to experience significant changes in your life that have an enduring effect. This dedicated timeframe and container, will give us a foundation of creating a  safe space for you, for me to get to know you and understand your patterns of protection, your gifts and strengths and to guide you to embrace feeling safe and supported, resourced and grounded in the new changes.

Due to the deep nature of this work it’s important to smoothly complete your process rather than suddenly stop. Consider giving yourself 2 to 3 extra sessions to work through any potential conscious or unconscious resistance that may be arising which can offer a valuable opportunity for growth if worked through.

Once you feel comfortable working together you may like to book multiple sessions and save. I offer discounts on 3, 5 and 10 upfront paid sessions, with the later offering the highest discount. With prepaid sessions you have 2 options: a sessions credit system so you can book as you go with your special coupon code or you can set a regular designated time, date and frequency of your sessions which once confirmed will be placed into the calendar. We take secure credit card payments for prepaid multiple sessions. Fill out the Multiple Sessions Booking form here: 

Please send me a message via the contact form informing me of the location you’d like to do your sessions in, the preferred time, frequency (weekly, even two weeks etc) and your time zone. Please provide 3 or more different time / day possibilities. I will contact you and advise if we can fit you into the schedule.

Yes, you can book your free 10 minute Discovery Call on the following page:

You will receive a Zoom link confirmation for your Discovery Call, sent to your email. Ensure you have Zoom downloaded on your phone or device and just click the Zoom link at the time of your call to be taken to our video call meeting. You might like to prepare some questions you have to ask me before we begin.

I work with individual adults or adult couples. 

I do not work with clients under the age of 18.

I do not work with families nor offer mediation. 

I do not work with crisis or clients whom are feeling suicidal. 

Yes. As we build a therapeutic alliance and I get to know you and sense you more deeply, see the cues on your face and what they mean, the expressions that inform me of what’s happening for you in your body we will develop resonance. This kind of resonance is what supports your nervous system to become regulated where trauma created dysregulation. I work hard to build this resonance with you and it is equally possible whether we are physically face to face or connecting via a computer screen. I am trained in sensing energy and reading information from your body both in person and via video call sessions. 

Zoom sessions enable you to receive assistance from the comfort of your own home or office. The easy online format allows you to video-conference at a time that suits you without having to travel and being anywhere in the world.

* Wear comfortable clothing, preferably pants & remove bulky or intrusive jewellery

* Find a quiet, private space

* Room to move

* Bring cushions

* Bring a towel

* Be near a mattress, sofa or bed if possible


Signing in to your Zoom call:


You will receive a Zoom link for our session when you complete your booking. Please click on this link a few minutes before your session time.

Unfortunately Somatic Psychotherapy is currently not able to be covered by any of the above.