Couples in Conflict

Resolving Obstacles & Restoring Connection

Are you frustrated in your intimate relationship? 

Does everything you try seem to push you further apart?

In this half day workshop immersion you’ll come together with other couples to explore the underlying blocks, loosen the built up defences and open to new and effective ways of relating. This process will draw on somatic psychotherapy to support releasing the emotional tension stored in your body which subconsciously impacts your relationship. This workshop if for you if you or your partner experiences any of the following stressors:

  • * fear of intimacy or abandonment
  • * being too independent or a people-pleaser
  • * bottled up emotions
  • * needs that you struggle to express
  • * chronic frustration or resentment
  • * feeling misunderstood, unseen or unheard
  • * repeated sabotage getting in the way of connection
  • * inability to move forward together
  • * anxiety, depression & overwhelm

At the end of this experience you can expect to feel calmer, clearer and more centered. You’ll take home tools & skills to keep connecting with your partner more authentically and intimately.

“Energizing, uplifting, empowering. Marriage saving!” 

Joanne Rodney

 Your facilitator Izabella Siodmak is a somatic (body) psychotherapist and relationship counsellor with a science degree. She specialises in supporting individuals to integrate trauma and couples to feel safer in relating.  She also draws on the work of attachment styles, neurobiology and emotionally-focused therapy.  Each moment and expression of yours is held with attunement to you and your partnership as she guides and support you intuitively. 

Your assistant facilitator Tony Hayes is a trained body psychotherapist and counsellor, emotional energy healer and an intuitive acupressure masseuse. With a personal lifelong study into esoteric psychology and emotional clearing his approach is to explore openly and deeply into what is truly present for you and gently guide you to finding your own personally empowering solutions.

Are you ready to move forward with renewed hope?