What I can do for you

Body & Biochemistry Care

Learn about plant-based eating, gourmet raw food, clean living and employ neurochemical balancing

Emotional Resilience

Tap into the power of feeling & bounce back from set-backs

Heal Trauma

Free up more energy and feel vibrantly alive

Clarify Your Direction & Make Good Choices

Connect to your wisdom and move forward with confidence


We, as a society, have neglected to foster personal responsibility for understanding energy and honouring its capacity to heal ourselves and each other. Disregarding our intuition and placing our health often solely in the hands of complete strangers, has created further disenchantment. Fake, ineffective drugs, medications and gadgets have been adopted which do not function in harmony with our life force nor nourish it. In fact, they often further diminish it. 1 on 1 sessions with me will stimulate your natural aliveness and wellness to flourish from within.