SHE reminds you

SHE … is here to remind All of You that there is no need to reach for medication, to fix a thing, to change your mind, to embrace new thought. There is no need for any such distraction.

She is here to take you in. Whole.
Take you into the depths of your raw Being.
Make you face with grace, any discomfort. 
Traverse the terrain of your own resistance.
And drop into something so meaningful and significant, you weep wide with effortless release of all that is not real.
Now, you blossom forth with the aliveness of ripeness.
You draw forth consorts that will dance with you as they hold you. To yourself.
Eye to eye, heart to heart.
Body with soul.
This is how the new earth doth start.

Izabella Siodmak is a Writer, Emotional Magnificence Facilitator and Deeper Relating Supporter.

She facilitates you to feel wholesome & content through your feeling of all your emotions, accessing your clarity & actioning your inner guidance.