Hi, I’m Izabella

I help individuals with trauma to gain stability and feel joy and couples to successfully navigate relationship conflicts and embody more intimacy and love. 

I started this journey with healing myself from an eating disorder (anorexia) at the age of 15. There was no-one in my life who was remotely safe or aware enough for me to confide in. Instead, my higher self kicked in and guided my healing via the understanding of the dysfunctional family dynamics that had contributed to my wish to no longer be here. 

 I went on to complete a university Bachelor of Science (double major in Biochemistry, Biological Sciences & Molecular Biology), felt unsatisfied in my soul working as a scientist and then promptly followed my passion of natural medicine by studying and becoming a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist. These modalities had restored my physical health when I was 15.

I practiced in my clinics for several years before I founded Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat in 2003, a 1 on 1 healing retreat in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. My focus naturally turned to emotional wellness in response to the imminent sharing of painful, traumatic experiences and feelings that many retreat clients were expressing during their retreat. I undertook a 3 year training in Somatic (Body) Psychotherapy in order to best serve my clients’ healing. I also attained an Exceptional Marriage Mentoring Certification in order to facilitate effective couples counselling therapy. I now offer individuals trauma support and couples counselling as stand alone sessions, not just in the format of residential healing retreats

Wholistic Retreat Immersions
If you are short on time and would like a more concentrated experience with this work whilst getting away from your usual environment for some deep healing in the surrounds of nature please visit Natural Attitudes Embody Retreat.

1 on 1 Emotional Wellness Retreats & Couples private Revitalising Love Retreats are available.