Foreign Energy and Entity Clearing

Part of the psychotherapeutic work I do is to help you externalize the entities and foreign energies feeding off you and to then naturally put them in their place (like, away and off you for good). Then, you can feel more empowered and be your sovereign-self again. You will sync up with a new, healthy program that reflects who you are as together we call all pieces of your soul home.

My own personal commitment to delving into my psyche and my intermittent, albeit totally willing travels through the underworld allow me to consistently piece together and merge these awarenesses into a newer framework that integrates into my work and how I support you.  The emotional magnificence sessions are purely organic due to the depth of curiosity and pure universal presence I hold.

I can connect to the entities and see how they are attached to you. As I assist you to see the foreign energy in its form and structure it begins to lose its hold and I guide you to be the creator and commander at the center, rather than at the effect of these dark energies.

In particular I love working with those who have seen many therapists already and to no avail or they have approached it from the predictable, conventional models of therapy. Simply because I know that the full surrender and trust I work with beyond the safety of rules and concepts and paradigms often affords the kind of pure magic, that is just the right medicine.


Soul Retrieval Work

Sometimes parts of ourselves can be locked away, tightly hidden. Or the soul, the essence of you, can leave your body. That’s when a SOUL RETRIEVAL is called for. If you feel lost, stuck, devoid of passion, not yourself and like the old you is gone there is a good chance that a big aspect of you has splintered off. This most often initially occurs during a traumatic event, as a form of protection.

When we work in a session together, we uncover the events around it and recover the soul aspect. Together, with love and grace, and with the deep understanding of your unique situation and the awareness of what’s needed to create the safety to call that part home, we bring it home. We invite the full you back in a way that’s specific and appropriate for you….

The distraction stops.
The fight ends.
The fog clears.
The heaviness goes.
The lightness begins to flow.
The love starts to fill the heart.
The wholesomeness lands in your body.
The emerging clarity inspires new action.
The actions transform your life.
The evolution becomes your gift to others.

The willingness to SHOW UP AND HEAL, makes your life richer and real.

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