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The Path to Freedom in Love

It started the moment I decided to deal with it all properly. I didn’t know what exactly would arise but I surrendered into trusting. Within moments, I was shown precisely the ways I had been out of sorts in the way I was relating in intimate relationship. I cried with humbleness. I embraced what was being revealed. And I was shown how to bring myself back into accord. I could feel a major persdonal upgrade taking place. These insights and feelings wanted acknowledging and witnessing.

I cried. I felt. I saw. Then, a vision arose from within my body. Two large rich, lush, pink rose petals at the base of my heart opened up gently. I felt myself drop into the most exquisite and divine state of serenity. Aaaaah. I just fell. A soft landing. A humbleness. So deep. What I saw next shocked me. It blew my mind. Indescribable. I witnessed how teh relationship I was in had only gone to half it’s full depth. And now there was an opening to something much deeper. I saw his true essence again. I saw how who he really is, is who I actually love. Not who I wanted him to be. I fell in love with him in a whole new way. Really in love, with the real him. Not my idea of him. Not my expectations of him. In pulling back all my expectations and projections love, from within me, was free to flow and be and see clearly again.


This devotion is having its way with me …

  • I want to rub my tears into the beloved’s feet
  • I’m moved by the preciousness of his rhythmic breath upon my cheek in the midst of night
  • I am mesmerized by the simplicity of stroking his arm
  • I revere the sacredness of open, honest conversation where I can freely share my deepest thoughts and most transient of emotions
  • I cherish being held, heard, loved and to give back the same
  • When I feel his unbridalled heart freely offering acts of service to me, I find myself spontaneously running over to kiss him and thank him. I am enjoying this love awakening more deeply, uncoiling like a sleeping serpent. Sometimes I want more of this, more of myself, more of him … just more.

I don’t know if I am at all understood in my experience, but I know what I feel.

I know that love is.   And it is perfect for right now.