Soul Retrieval Work

Sometimes parts of ourselves can be locked away, tightly hidden. Or the soul, the essence of you, can leave your body. That’s when a SOUL RETRIEVAL is called for. If you feel lost, stuck, devoid of passion, not yourself and like the old you is gone there is a good chance that a big aspect of you has splintered off. This most often initially occurs during a traumatic event, as a form of protection.

When we work in a session together, we uncover the events around it and recover the soul aspect. Together, with love and grace, and with the deep understanding of your unique situation and the awareness of what’s needed to create the safety to call that part home, we bring it home. We invite the full you back in a way that’s specific and appropriate for you….

The distraction stops.
The fight ends.
The fog clears.
The heaviness goes.
The lightness begins to flow.
The love starts to fill the heart.
The wholesomeness lands in your body.
The emerging clarity inspires new action.
The actions transform your life.
The evolution becomes your gift to others.

The willingness to SHOW UP AND HEAL, makes your life richer and real.

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The Real Spiritual and New Age Wake Up

When you agree to use or practice ANY new age spirituality please be aware that you are signing up for the whole energetic spectrum of that modality, tool or system… REGARDLESS of your pure intentions.

Firstly, what I mean by this is that NOTHING is exempt from its shadow ESPECIALLY in the world of love and light to which many unconsciously gravitate to escape and many deliberately OR ignorantly prey on the vulnerable.

Secondly, you will anchor in more love but rarely in the simple, or easy way you are lead to believe. In my 25 year journey within this industry it fully hit home 6 months ago. And by home, I mean waking up to the truth of the new age mass deception.

In particular, for me, the deeper truth about the Law of Attraction surfaced. Honouring this truth felt more important than continuing with the lie. In my request to be shown what’s true, the filter that had been obscuring my full perception simply dissolved, leaving me in a more clear state of seeing and feeling this modality for what it actually is. Then, adjusting and integrating myself accordingly.

It may be tempting to continue to be spoon-fed spiritual lies, but the harder, real soul work is solemnly worth it. Being really honest with yourself will always be the #1 personal development vehicle (and it’s free). If you don’t have that as your foundation, you have nothing. And no tool, teacher or therapist can be of any true value.